Europese agenda 2019-2020

               Europese Agenda

            Schooljaar 2019-2020

 3 september 2019
 4 september 2019
 Informatieavond uitwisselingen klas 3j
 Informatieavond uitwisselingen klas 3v
 1 oktober 2019
 9 oktober 2019
 Uiterste inleverdatum Matchingformulier
 Eerste bijeenkomst Ouderambassadeurs
 8 november 2019
26 november 2019
26 november 2019
 Stedentrip 5 havo Parijs / Berlijn
 4 vwo-M team naar Brussel i.h.k.v. Euregio
 4 mavo Den Haag
12 december 2019
12 december 2019
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 Informatieavond Euroscola
 9 januari 2020
15 januari 2020
24 januari 2020
31 januari 2020
 Informatieavond wintersportreis
 Tweede bijeenkomst Ouderambassadeurs
 Stedentrip 6 vwo Londen
 Dag van Europa
 5-7 februari 2020
20 februari 2020
22-27 februari 2020
 Euroscola Straatsburg
 Informatieavond uitwisselingen
 Wintersportreis Filzmoos, Oostenrijk
 4 maart 2020
 9 maart 2020
13 maart
19 maart 2020
23 maart 2020           
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 Stagenight in De Vereeniging
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 Start uitreis             
 1 april 2020
 9 april 2020
17 april 2020
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 Presentatie uitwisselingen
 Stedenreis 4 mavo
 11-15 mei 2020  Stedentrip 5 vwo Nice, Rome, Weimar

 18 juni 2020  Bezoek Europees Parlement Brussel voor
 Junior en Ouderambassadeurs

Euroscola 2020

Hello and goodmorning, hallo en goedemorgen,  

My name is Sharenaty and I am Yente. And we are students from the SSgN, which is  our school that is located in the oldest City in the Netherlands, called Nijmegen.  

Together with twenty-four other students we drove seven hours to be here with you today and we would like to start by saying that we are all very glad that we have been given the opportunity to be here today.  

Our school is known for their international involvement. For example the exchanges we have every year, with nine other European countries.  This gives us the possibility to meet and talk with students like us and get to learn about their countries and their way of lives. And we must say that we can’t wait to work with you and hear your opinions about the different statements.  

Our school is also an European Parlement Ambassador school. So we both have been junior ambassadors, and that’s something we’re very proud of.  

We in the netherlands are known for finding the best possible solution for everyone and we hope to share some of that we you today.  

With the now twenty-seven countries that are part of the EU, we form the bond with each other, and especially we form the twelve stars.  
We are here today as young adults, because we are the future!    

Thank you all for listening and have a great day! Bedankt.

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