We've started!

Nijmegen, March 5 2020
The exchange 2020 begins somewhat different than we expected. Because of the spread of the corona virus three of our partnerschools had to decide to cancel their visit at the last moment. So instead of ten, we welcomed seven visiting groups this morning. Nevertheless the aula was overcrowded during the introduction and instructions for the rest of the exchange and the students from Celje, Ljutomer, Budapest, Linares and Bailèn started their stay eagerly.

The programme will take place as scheduled with a mass visit to Zaanse Schans and Amsterdam on Friday, the Stagenight at The Vereeniging on Monday and Disco at Doornroosje on Tuesday. In between there will be lessons, workshops, a Nijmegen City Tour and lots of fun.

Hopefully the enthousiasm of our classes without a partner will not be diminished and all our classes can make a visit abroad at the end of the month.

But now, first, the Nijmegen Experience! About 200 foreign students with their teachers all together enjoying their stay at the SSgN.

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Corona and the exchange program

On this page we will keep you informed about the latest news concerning the corona virus in relation to our exchange program.

Brief ouders 3Vb Sarno d.d. 24 februari 2020.

Official statement February 26, 2020 concerning the exchange program 2020 for all our exchange partners.

In addition to this statement, I would like to address the fact that we are aware of the developments of the current affairs of the last few days. 

We remain in close contact with the governement's channels of information and at this moment they see no reason why an exchange could not take place.

We would like to take the time over the weekend to see if this advice remains intact. On Monday we will have a meeting with all involved parties to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

For now, we will remain calm and take into account all options. We are available for consultation and feedback. We will keep you posted. 

At this moment we have notice that Sarno, Wolow and Pskov will not participate.

Second statement concerning the exchangeprogramme, March 2 2020.

Where are we going?

  • Bailén, Spain: 3Jb with Arno & Marijn
  • Budapest (1), Hungary: 3Vc with Susi & Jeroen
  • Budapest (2), Hungary: 3Ja with Jannick & Maria
  • Celje, Slovenia: 3Va with Nadja & Eva
  • Linares (1), Spain:  3Jf with Robbert & Lobke
  • Linares (2), Spain: 3Jc with Manouk & Jasper
  • Ljutomer, Slovenia: 3Je with Maike & Laurie
  • Pskov, Russia: 3Jd with Hans & Michelle
  • Sarno, Italy: 3Vb with Mariët & Yannic
  • Wolow, Poland: 3Vd with Guus & Lina

Exchange 2020 (Dutch)

Het uitwisselingsprogramma 2019-2020 heet 'Finding your voice'. Het programma bestaat uit twee periodes van elk 10 dagen. De eerste periode vindt plaats in Nijmegen: alle partnerscholen zijn tegelijk bij ons op bezoek. Leerlingen worden van tevoren via een matching form aan elkaar gekoppeld en logeren bij elkaar in huis. De voertaal tijdens het gehele programma is Engels.

Tijdens het programma doen we aan:
  • Workshops
  • Excursies
  • Themasessies
  • Culturele evenementen

Waarom/why exchange?

 Samenwerken  Cooperate
 Persoonlijke ontwikkeling  Personal development
 Taal  Language
 Ervaring  Experience

Exchange 2020 (English)

The exchange program 2019-2020 is called 'Finding your voice'. The program consists of two terms of 10 days each. The first term takes place in Nijmegen: all partner schools will visit us simultaneously. Students will previously be paired according to their matching form and stay in each other's house. During the program all participants will speak English.

The program will be filled with:
  • Workshops
  • Excursions
  • Thematic sessions
  • Cultural activities