Our mission and vision

Our mission

The SSgN is a comprehensive school with an inspiring curriculum that challenges all our students to realise their full potential, encourages them to pursue new interests and equips them with the qualifications and skills required in the 21st Century.

Our vision

Our vision is formed and inspired by our global outward looking approach to teaching and learning. Developing talent is the core of our work and we are committed to our students achieving the highest levels of progress an success in the fields of science, sports, arts and European citizenship.

Great emphasis is placed on providing students with a personalised learning experience by understanding their abilities and individual needs as well as encouraging their aspirations. A supportive and structured learning environment is provided in which students an staff thrive, thus ensuring that our students leave the SSgN as confident and articulate young adults, prepared to successfully choose their own pathway and ready to enter the world as independent, resilient global citizens.

The Dutch educational system

At the age of 12 students enter our type of school. We offer three levels of education:

vmbo (or mavo): four years, age 12-16, leading to havo or vocational education (MBO).

havo: five years, age 12-17, leading to vwo or higher vocational education (HBO).

vwo (or atheneum): six years, age 12-18, leading to HBO or university.

The SSgN educational system

At the SSgN the first two years are completely heterogeneous, which is pretty unique in the Dutch educational structure. These classes (J for Jena), consist of students of all three levels mavo (V), havo (H) and vwo (A).

Teachers diversify during their lessons, ensuring that the individual needs of each student are met. Talented students are stimulated to follow the highest level. It is also possible for students to follow some lessons above their own level thus encouraging them to explore and exceed their potential.