During the Exchange

To Antiqua and Jaén revisited

March 22, both groups visit the old city of Antiqua wich meant rising very early. With a guide they visited the city and various churches and 5.000 year old dolmens. In the afternoon they made a hike in a natural forest, looking like a moonscape and climbed the top of El Tocal (by bus).

March 23, Jaén was visited: churces again, the cathedral and a monastery. A bit of an overkill of churches maybe but the pupils behaved themselves wonderfully.
As a special occasion they saw  a picture of Jesus, only reveiled on friday, being kissed by locals. In between the picture was wiped carefully.
In the afternoon the group in Jaén participated in a sport event whil the group Bailén debated and visited a plant of pots and pans.
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